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Distance Learning

You can do several of our courses studying at home without the need to attend a course. At the moment these are:

  • Food Safety for Child Carers (level 2)
  • Food Safety in Catering (level 2)
  • Health and Safety
  • Health and Safety in the Childcare Setting

We intend to add further courses in the near future.

You will get a study pack which includes a handbook and a workbook. You can then do your studying at home and in your own time and when you are ready you will take an assesment.

The assessment can be either done as a written paper or a multi-choice questions on our website.

A certificate is awarded which is the same as the one you would get if you attended a trainer led course.

These courses normally cost the same as our public courses but we are currently offering them for
half price at 32.00 + VAT (38.40)


Distance Learning Courses


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