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Early Years Educator Diploma

Mandatory Units

1 (D5061231) Understand Children’s Early Years Education and Development
2 (H5061232) Implementing Early Years Foundation Stage
3 (K5061233) Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Early Years Settings
4 (M5061234) Plan and Provide Effective Teaching and Learning in Early Years Settings
5 (T5061235) Make Accurate and Productive Use of Assessment in Early Years Settings
6 (A5061236) Develop Effective and Informed Professional Practice in Early Years Settings
7 (F5061237) Promote the Health, Safety and Well-being of Children in Early Years Settings
8 (J5061238) Child Protection and Safeguarding
9 (L5061239) Partnership Working in Early Years

Optional Units

10 (F5061240) Understanding How to Promote Play and Learning in the Early Years
11 (J5061241) Support Children’s Outdoor Play
12 (L5061242) Understand How to Work With Children in Home-Based Care
13 (R5061243) Managing a Home-Based Childcare Business
14 (Y5061244) Lead and Manage a Community Based Early Years Setting
15 (D5061245) Coordinate Special Educational Needs Provision
16 (H5061246) Understand the Needs of Children Who Are Vulnerable and Experiencing Poverty and Disadvantage
17 (K5061247) Support Disabled Children and Children With Specific Requirements
18 (M5061248) Support The Use of Medication
19 (T5061249) Support Children at Meal or Snack Times
20 (K5061250) Care for the Physical and Nutritional Needs of Babies and Young Children
21 (M5061251) Support the Development of Positive Behaviour in Children
22 (T5061252) Contribute to Effective Team Working in Health and Social Care or Children’s Settings
23 (A5061253) Working Within a Social Pedagogic Framework With Children
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